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Jeju Special Co. is one of the reliable companies of citrus products in Korea. Since 1998, we have exporting various kinds of citron tea in Korea and abroad customers. Due to our home town's pure environments and farmer's efforts, we have been enjoying a good reputation under the brand of Daha, and are now trying to develop various new products using excellent materials such as Citron, Lemon, Kumquat, Sudachi, and so on.
We are producing fruit teas (including Citron tea, Tang-Citron tea, Kumquat tea and Lemon tea), seasoning sauces (including Citron Ponzu Sauce and Sudachi Ponzu Sauce)and jams (sugar-free citrus jam), using the citrus fruits that grow on Jeju Island. Our teas made from fresh citrus fruits can bring fresh vigor to your life. The fruit teas of Daha® invigorate the essence of health: people can smell the fine fragrance on their fingertips when they harvest fresh citrons and their mouths water when they cut lemons.